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A consistently profitable trading starts with with fundamentally correct and edged strategy, backed by back-testing results, further adding power of options and always remaining hedged.

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About Us

At RainAlpa, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way traders access global markets through algorithmic trading. Our cutting-edge platform empowers traders with advanced tools and technologies, providing seamless integration with global exchanges for efficient and profitable trading strategies. We specialize in developing systematic trading algorithms with an equal focus on execution, risk and money management to generate steady and higher than market returns.

RainAlpa is a leading provider of algorithmic trading solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of traders worldwide. Our team of experts combines deep industry knowledge with innovative technologies to deliver superior performance and reliability.

Our mission at RainAlpa is to democratize access to global markets by providing traders of all levels with the tools and resources they need to succeed in algorithmic trading. We strive to empower our clients with advanced analytics, real-time market data, and customizable trading strategies to maximize their trading potential.

Our quant-based proprietary trading strategies go through a rigorous process of in-house development that are back tested over long periods of time before putting our money. Our skin is in the game at all point of time, in all our strategies, along with the clients, we trade our money. Why we and our clients sleep easy is because of a robust multi-layer risk management system and an automated execution platform that helps enable trading across multiple strategies and markets seamlessly.

Our endeavour for venturing into algorithmic trading was to make our as well as our clients experience in the market a pleasant one. Taking emotions out of our trading we have removed the biggest barrier for success. We focus on developing and deploying a variety of innovative quantitative trading strategies that can be directly used. Developing mutually exclusive strategies helps us in diversification and protects from various market conditions at the same time generating steady returns. RainAlpha's options trading strategies helps generate the optimal capital appreciation with a reasonable drawdown seamlessly.

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Our Approach

RainAlpha is algorithmic trading solution provider. Using our algorithmic trading platforms, our subscriber gets solution backed by high quality, quantitative, research based and back-tested, ready to go solution. It is fully automated trading solution.

Strategy Formation

We start with designing option strategies that will have some edge with power of option Greeks.


We put enormous effort to truly back-test our designed strategies for long duration, so that in future, it may sustain all possible market conditions.

Algo Deployment

We deploy our algo after going through lots of checks and balances in the live market, initially with our own capital.

Alpha Generation

Finally, we start generating our alpha. We continue to look for any new opportunities to reduce risk further while keeping profit potential same.

Meet The Team

We are always working passionately of pursuing alpha across markets.